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- All cards are 100% original and handeld with good care.

- Shipping: Very important in our proces, we care alot that the costumer will receive cards in the same conditions, as we send them.

We use softsleeves, toploaders, rigidholders, bubblewrap and many more protection material.

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AP Grading

Why AP grading? Simple... best quality SLABS, professional grading process, knowledge & hightech grading machines.

#1 European grading company, has developed in significantly way, by delivering new quality slabs since 2023, more grading possibilities, like comic, booster and Jumbo cards grading.

We do Trust AP grading for the long term! In our opinion by far the best quality Slabs, that protects our and your favorite collector items.

Growing strong on the market and AP grading will find place between the 3 leading US grading companies.

Delivering quality will always pay off! Discover the best cards in our shop that has been graded by Alpha professional (AP) grading!

Feel free to ask for specific cards and all other Questions.